Universal Research Institute UR
by Gjino Šutić aka Biotweaker

is NGO institute for independent interdisciplinary scientific research.
It was founded to promote free and independent scientific research and development of innovations.

The main areas of research conducted at UR institute are several fields of life sciences such as;
all areas of biology & medicine and also research in cutting edge fields of science such as bioelectronics & nanotechnology.

It’s goal is to provide an environment for citizens to develop their innovation, especially those which can benefit the mankind.

UR Institute supports & promotes; DIY culture, freedom of knowledge & learning and culture of science.



by Gjino Šutić aka Biotweaker

As a material for growing of SRCE, microbial cellulose is used. Microbial cellulose is an experimental bio-material, grown in a bioreactor using Gluconacetobacter xylinus bacteria. As a bacterial grow medium, experimental mixture made of household “chemicals” was designed and used. The media was designed to enable fast growth of microbial cellulose.

Process of making:
Live microbial cellulose, that contains living bacteria was cut, shaped and sewn in a shape of real human heart (several layers, 4 internal chambers). Live microbial cellulose was used because as a living tissue it has regenerative ability (tiny holes that where byproduct of sewing where completely regenerated in a period of 2 days). Bioreactor that contained SRCE is filled with diluted growth medium, which enables regeneration and keeps tissue alive (but does not enable larger growth).
A pump controlled by programmed microcontroller pumps the growth media and air inside heart. That technique is designed to keep the proper shape of a heart scaffold and bacteria viable, and afterwards if we use the scaffold to grow a human heart, it can be used to stimulate human heart cells growth.

Even though SRCE does not contain living cells of human heart muscles, it can be used as a scaffold for them and by using this innovative technology grow replacement human heart (and other organs) relatively cheap and fast.

In a world leading biomedical laboratories, scientists experiment with growing of human replacement organs which is the cutting-edge of medical biotechnology.

If author collects enough funding for future research….



Microbial-membrane speaker, microphone and a drum
by Gjino Šutić aka Biotweaker

Microbial-membrane speaker, microphone and a drum is a unique biomechatronic device, with a main part made of microbial cellulose, growed in a bioreactor with a help of Gluconacetobacter xylinus bacteria.
As a growth medium experimental substrate was used. It was designed by the author himself and it gives fast material growth rate – production of the membrane.
After growing membrane material, it was incorporated into the frame and treated with substances that enhance its strength and surface tension. Piezoelectric element was integrated into membrane, which converts mechanical power into electricity.

The entire unit works in 2 ways:

1. As an electrical audio input device -drum or a microphone, where the membrane acts as a collector and a physical vibration amplifier (sound or touch) that is transferred to the piezoelectric sensor that converts these vibrations into the el.signal that can be reproduced, processed or recorded.

2. As an electrical audio output unit – the speaker which translates sound in the form of electricity via piezoelectric components into a mechanical force that causes the membrane to vibrate. The membrane vibrates, makes sounds and physically amplifies them.

Innovations associated with this device:
- The possibility of growing a microphone, speakers or drum, with easily replaceable parts
- The ability to completely design and grow this device in all sizes and various shapes

This project was produced with a help of Kontejner organization, and the author plays it in Messy Oscillators band.

At this moment MeBUMZ is being developed for on order market production.



by Gjino Šutić aka Biotweaker

Innovative household ambient lamp that creates oxygen, controls sleep and produces algae.

Name describes its functions;
Bioreactor for single-cell algae growing
Oxygen generator
Circadian rhythm regulator
Ambient light

Bioreactor – container for industrial production of biological compounds & products by using bio-active organisms and/or their parts, or just growing them. Usually in a cylindrical shape, made of; glass, metal or plastic. It gives us easy and complete regulation and control of inner environment, regulation of; temperature, pH, lighting, medium composition…

Single-cell green algae – family of around 6000 species. They live in salt and fresh waters and on a land. Almost all of them contain chloroplasts which conduct photosynthesis and give them energy for life, using only sun, CO2, water and just a little amount of minerals. Different species are currently being grown (mostly experimental) for production of oils, biodiesel, ethanol, oxygen and as a food for humans and animals. One of them is Chlorella, which is being used here.

Oxygen generator – device that creates oxygen

Circadian rhythm –biological process that oscillates within 24h and is coordinated by day/night cycle. It is present in most of living beings.
In humans it is a mechanism of adaptivity; to a day/light (activity) and to night/dark (sleep, rest and regeneration). Melatonin is a hormone related to that cycle and is found in humans, most of animals, plants and some microbes.

Circadian rhythm regulator – a device that in an artificial environment (absence of day-light) regulates artificial lighting to which living beings are being exposed. It runs in a 24h day/night cycle just like a natural day-light. As an only light source in a bedroom it is used for sleep regulation and a cure for insomnia (light therapy).

Ambient light – lighting of ambient/room. Low intensity or incomplete lighting.

At this moment B.O.C.A. is being developed for on order market production.



Bio-optical theremin
by Gjino Šutić aka Biotweaker

Biomechatronical musical instrument that produces slightly different sounds depending on the intensity of light that filters trough test tubes containing different bio-filters (bacteria, algae, worms…).
You can hear it play at performances of MMessy Oscillators band.



by Gjino Šutić aka Biotweaker

rOKO is everything that a hacker needs;
Hacking computer based on Raspberry Pi,
that can be used to watch TV, listen to radio,
play multimedia or to use it as a regular PC (to surf web, for programming, hacking etc.)

Next to Raspberry Pi, it contains Arduino microcontroller, which gives it ability to communicate with a real world using different sensors..

It can be expanded with robotic arms, or even a moving body,
and its monitor/head is designed to be capable of motion tracking and moving in that direction..

rOKO is made in tribute to HAL 9000,
and now is programmed to sing a song from 2001 Odyssey movie using HAL 9000 voice.
It was displayed at Technical Museum Zagreb from 10.-18.May 2013, as a part of SoundART-BIOart exhibition.